Today I invite you to consider creating assets for your business (versus taking your creative work for granted).  Why?

Because without assets, you don’t have a business that is of value to anyone else.  It’s value is completely dependent upon your services.  You’re still exchanging hours for dollars even if you’re charging a flat fee or package rate.  And it’s value disappears when you’re gone.

 If you’re going to put blood sweat and tears (or, if you’d prefer, creativity, commitment and soul) into building your business, wouldn’t you like to have something to show for it?

Something of value that you can sell?  Or use to earn without putting in more hours?

Well then, business owner, you need to own something.  And that something is an asset—property that’s of value.

It is a big shift for service providers to think of themselves as creating assets, even in the age of the info-product.  And I propose that you need to if you want your business or body of work to create lasting impact.

In this economy, it is overwhelmingly likely that your business only has the creative work that you put into it:  Creative Assets.

It’s unlikely that your business also owns inventory or real estate, although it might.

Luckily, the law, through trademarks and copyrights, makes your creative work—the work and creation of your own mind—assets.

Remember assets are property, just like real estate.

Trademarks and copyrights are property that your business can use to:

  • create new income streams
  • generate higher fees
  • exist without you (Talk about leaving a legacy.)

Are you taking your creative work for granted?

What I mean is:

Are you leaving it unprotected?

Are you treating it as the most important part of your business?  If you were, what would you do differently?

Are you using it to its fullest potential to grow your business?

What can you do?

Create valuable assets for your business through trademarks and copyrights.

A trademark is how you identify your business as a source of your services in the market place.  Click here to learn more about trademarks.

A copyright is a set of legal rights in your original work.  Click here to learn more about copyrights.

Use those trademarks and copyrights to create new income streams and a business that you can sell.

When you’re ready to investigate the impact of trademarks and copyrights in your business, I invite you to meet with me in a Creative Power of Law Strategy Session.