Peace of Mind



That’s the Creative Power of Law.

Your Leadership.

You’re an expert, a leader in your field.

Your Results.

You create impactful, important results for your clients. Results that matter to the world we live in and the economy we cultivate.

Your Impact.

You change the very environment with your work: in coaching, in corporate, in technology.

Are you ready to create the peace of mind, profit and legacy you most want from your business?


I’m attorney and business strategist Rebecca Prien.


I put the creative power of law to work for women-owned businesses to create peace of mind, profit and legacy.  I not only advise you as your attorney, I help you untangle and understand the complicated decisions every woman-owned business faces, helping you gain a greater sense of empowerment and security.

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No lawyer has ever talked to me about my business the way Rebecca did.  With her unique strategic insight, Rebecca helped me gain enormous clarity regarding the ownership and licensing of my intellectual property to exploit its value and meet my business goals.

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Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.
R. Thomas Consulting & Training, Inc.

Your Thought Leadership Is A Gold Mine.


It is the center of your business.  It is driving your purpose and your profit.


And, it’s most likely getting mined out from under you because:

      • You’re busy creating unique solutions for clients that wear you out with consulting hours.
      • You haven’t understood and captured the pieces of your thought leadership as assets (property) for your business to use to generate income without consulting hours.
      • Your organizational clients insist (or assume) that they own the unique solutions you create—and want you to not use them with any other clients.
      • Your organizational clients are (or appear) powerful, compared to your business, when negotiating your relationship with them.
      • You don’t clearly understand what your rights to your work are, which rights you’re clients are asking for (or assume they’re getting), which rights you’re agreeing to provide, or that there is any variety or choice in this at all.
      • You’re not pricing to account for the value of what you’re actually providing.

Let’s put an end to that and create peace of mind, profit and a legacy for you instead.


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