rebecca_icon_blue_200After 11 years practicing law, 11 ½ years practicing yoga, and my entire life creating things, this is how I have come to understand law…  Law is a structure.  Plain & simple.

It is one (very powerful) form of structure to be put to use by creative entrepreneurs in the name of our talents & gifts. Let it help you.

Without structure, creativity, inspiration, passion, whatever you it is you call the force that moves you, cannot exist in its fullest form.  Your business cannot exist in its fullest expression without structure.  Structure provides the conditions in which your creativity (and therefore, your business) flourishes.

Structure breeds creativity.  It also sustains it.  Think about it: structure makes us more creative because it forces us to focus, to commit & to work within constraints.  It creates the container that gives us security; that gives us confidence; and that gives us the impetus to be and to do more.

Think about it:  what are the conditions in which you want to create?

Without structure, creativity and passion cannot manifest in its fullest form!  Your business cannot exist in its fullest expression without structure.  Structure provides the conditions that allow your creativity to flourish!

Do you want security? Do you want stability? Do you want defined boundaries so you know you don’t have to worry, you can just work?  Do you want to know that what you create is going to be protected, sustained & taken care of when you put it out into the world?

Most likely, if you’re honest about it, you want security and stability in your environment, your finances and your business and you want to feel free & expansive in your work.  (I do.)

What I have learned—from entrepreneurship & from yoga—is that Structure is the key.  Artists have written about it from time immortal:  great creative accomplishment requires security and stability.  What did Virginia Woolf conclude in A Room of One’s Own: what a woman needs to create great art is money and a room of her own.  Why? Because it creates stability.

Law, when it is understood as structure, carves out a space in the world for your business—like a studio or an office (a literal space carved out of the universe & legally recognized)—that is stable, that is secure, and that provides enough quiet (from your own worry) for you to do your best work.

By harnessing the structure of law, you build the framework of your business that will protect you and support your goals.  Without this structure, an already risky enterprise (building your business) becomes even riskier.   Why take that risk?

flower_icon_04Looking to change your business to better suit your life? Rebecca Prien also provides business coaching and business model design services through Ompreneur | The Yoga of Entrepreneurship.