I asked you—creative entrepreneurs—what you really want and need: What legal questions do you have about their businesses? 

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What possible things falling through the cracks make you worry?

Your answers were so so helpful.  (Thank you!) I’m excited about bringing you what you want and need.

A majority of you wonder what questions you need to ask when it comes to taking care of the legal aspects of your business.

And I see you let the unknown questions hold you up from getting the legal knowledge and advice that can be so valuable to you.  It makes sense then that we start there.

What legal questions do you need to ask about your business?


You can understand your business to have 3 parts: its Structure, its Creativity and its Relationships.

Creativity is what you offer and put out into the world that’s uniquely your business.

Structure is the backbone that defines your business.

Relationships are how you relate and connect to do business.

Everything that makes your business healthy and vibrant stems from there. You use the law to help you keep the Creativity, Structure and Relationships in your business healthy and vibrant. Let’s take a look.

Structure:  Your business entity—an LLC or Corporation—creates the backbone that defines your business (and protects your personal interests by separating them from the business).

Creativity:  Trademark and Copyright protect your business’s brand and original work.  (Patents and trade secrets also protect what you create in your business, but let’s keep it simple for now.)

Relationships:  Agreements support and protect the relationships that you cultivate to conduct your business.

So, the most basic questions you need to ask about your business are:

  1. Do I have a business entity for my business?
  2. Have I captured and protected my original work with copyrights and my brand with trademarks?
  3. Do I have agreements in place for all my business relationships?

That’s where you start.  One, two, three to know the basics about whether you’re covered.

Take a minute and ask yourself these questions and jot down your answers.  Then, in the comments below, tell me where you are and how I can help you answer them.

If you’re thinking, I have no idea what a trademark or copyright covers—or something similar—don’t worry.  Get my free business law mind map.  It maps out all the legal pieces of a business and relates them to how they show up to you, the business owner, as a blog, a client, etc.  Then, stay tuned, because I’ll be writing about the main features of each piece on the blog.

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