rebecca_icon_blue_200I made my first video for you! What a new adventure—I had no idea what a different set of skills it required. Humbling. But fun. And transformative, really.

The move to video gained me traction in an area of my business where I just couldn’t move forward. I couldn’t see it, but when it was pointed out to me, it created a clear, easy path which was in greater alignment with me than my original plan. (The shift it’s bringing about is radical, and I think you’re going to love it, so stay tuned!)

Do you feel like you can’t get any traction in part of your business? Watch the video below to identify what is out of whack.

In my experience when our business isn’t growing, either we have no structure—no plan, if you will—or the structure we have is misaligned with us (and so we’re fighting against it).  

This is typically for one of three reasons:

  1. We’re out of alignment—our plan doesn’t really match our goal, our commitment or our style
  2. We don’t know a key piece of information—we can’t structure our business, our work or our offerings in a productive, beneficial way because we don’t know some key piece that would allow us to create a shift that would make it clear and easy for us
  3. We can’t see it ourselves—we’re in it and we can’t see the forest for the trees (which makes it very hard to feel like we’re getting anywhere

When we’re aligned, armed with key information and have someone to reflect ourselves back to us, we create (and commit to) structures that help grow our business—and we move forward.

flower_icon_04Looking to change your business to better suit your life? Rebecca Prien also provides business coaching and business model design services through Ompreneur | The Yoga of Entrepreneurship.