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For your convenience, I’ve outlined the questions I’m most frequently asked about working with me here.



Do you do X . . . (trademarks, contracts, etc.)?

I provide strategic consulting and legal services to create the peace of mind, profit and legacy that you want from your life’s work. That includes strategic business model consulting, LLC and corporate formation, trademarks, copyrights and all related contracts. A detailed list of the possible services I provide as part of your Creative Power of Law Plan is here.

I no longer work with clients on a per project basis, for example, for a single trademark or a single contract.  I provide legal services to all my clients within the context of a strategic plan for creating a profitable and protected revenue model from your intellectual property.  Working with me on a single legal service cannot provide you this effectively.

How much does X cost?

I no longer work with clients on a per project basis, for example, for a single trademark or a single contract. Therefore, I do not provide fee quotes for a single service.

I work with clients on a monthly payment plan for between 3 and 12 months, according to the needs of their business to achieve its goals.  The threshold investment for the work we do together is $1500/month.

The best way to think about the amount of investment that’s right for your business is to:

  1. know your current annual revenue;
  2. identify the revenue goal for 1 year and over the life of the most strategic use of your intellectual property (we can do this together in deciding what you need); and
  3. determine what percentage of these revenues you would need to invest in your Creative Power of Law Plan & whether that means a great return on investment.

An investment of 2-4% of current revenue is an unbelievable return on investment.  An investment of up to even 25% of current revenue is a great return on investment over the life of your intellectual property.  Remember we’re creating assets that you’ll use to earn revenue over and over again, without substantial additional investment.

If you know you want to shift to a revenue model that does not depend upon your consulting hours, contact me through the form on the right, and we’ll figure out what the value of the investment in a Creative Power of Law Plan realistically is for your business.