rebecca_icon_blue_200_bI realized this month that I have a secret.  A special sauce secret that gets hidden from you unless you take a leap in your business to work with me.

And I’d like to bring you more of that secret sauce here:  in the newsletter and on the blog for free.

Because right now, by not sharing it with you, I’m doing you a disservice.

What am I talking about?

My best kept secret is that I can help you build a business that earns more money, runs more smoothly and lives on when you’re gone.


Some of the ways that happens are:

  • creating a better process for working with clients that evens out cash-flow and makes the relationship more seamless and satisfying;
  • identifying new income streams or increasing the value of your current income streams;
  • identifying a proprietary system;
  • building a business you can sell.

This is a secret because it is hidden in the way I advise business owners on contracts and trademarks and copyrights.

So, I’m changing the newsletter & blog up to help you with these things.

It will focus on what you can do for your business and how rather than simply providing information on the legal thing-a-ma-giggies.  (That’s a technical term.)

Starting next week, I’m going to walk you right through how to use the law to . . .

  • Keep More Money
  • Earn More Money
  • Create A Smoother-Running Business
  • Build A More Valuable Business (that you could sell even if you don’t want to)

I am very excited about you using all of this in your business!

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