Maybe it’s a stretch to write about my tattoo on my business blog.  But that’s kind of exactly the point.

I started my own business so that I could be more me.  So that I didn’t have to have parts of myself compartmentalized.  Literally, so that my right-brain and left-brain did not need separate rooms and separate lives.

The conventional advice I was getting about how to “balance” it all—to go to a firm or government office during the day and doing what I love “on the side”—was so unsatisfying.  Wasteful even.  Like this huge wasteland of energy and intellect wasn’t getting used inside me.

So here I am.

And it’s hard.  It’s brilliant.  And totally fun!  And I love it.  But it’s hard.

Oh, law is easy.  Sure.  And chatting it up with you.  Easy.  Yep.  And fun.  But business is hard.

And walking my own path is hard.  And yet, not doing it is much harder – and that would mean not being me.

It would mean going back to being an attorney or an artist or a writer or a yogi.  And I’m an attorney-artist-writer-yogi and a yogi-artist-writer-attorney.

That’s my thing—running interference between brain hemispheres.  And creating structures and plans—and solid legal foundations—for people’s creativity to thrive as businesses.  Because I’ve spent my life trying to find and create that space for myself.

I knew, when I did it, that it needed to be marked with at tattoo.

When I sold my first painting, I framed a copy of the invoice and check.  When I started my business—my law business, I got a tattoo.  Makes perfect sense to me.

I can’t articulate exactly why, but it has to do with sovereignty.  And I think you get it, without me explaining it.

But I will say a word about my tattoo, because its significance is not obvious.  It is literally about sovereignty and alignment and resonance. It is the highest vibration of my Self in Sanskrit.  As given to me by my yoga guru.  And in the name is the balance of two paired halves, the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine, the right and the left.  Wholeness.  Abundance.  Joy.

And this, the business I’m building with Counsel to Creativity, is exactly about that.

What deep alignment and resonance is your business about?  Please share it with me.

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