When You Work with Me, This is What You Can Expect.


I’m Rebecca Prien, Founder of Counsel to Creativity.

I put the creative power of law to work for thought leaders to create peace of mind, profit and legacy with their life’s work.

I am known for bringing tremendous clarity, strategy and presence to how I advise (and advocate for) you to use and protect your thought leadership to create the peace of mind, profit and legacy you want.

The way I work with you and think about your business is not attorney-as-usual.

(Just ask my clients.)


Rebecca, you always ask the questions I don’t think to ask.


Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson | Innovation to the Core

Rebecca is an expert in the protection of intellectual property.  Working with Rebecca taught me to place a significantly higher value on my own work and take the steps to establish my rights to it.

Mariette Edwards round

Mariette Edwards
Do Your Great Work!


No lawyer has ever talked to me about my business the way Rebecca did.  With her unique strategic insight, Rebecca helped me gain enormous clarity regarding the ownership and licensing of my intellectual property to exploit its value and meet my business goals.

Roosevelt Thomas round

Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.
R. Thomas Consulting & Training, Inc.

Legal Expertise + Business Strategy + Presence =

•  A Highly Profitable Business Model (without the Consulting Hours)  •

•  Authentic Power in Contract Negotiation  •

•  An Impactful Legacy in Your Body of Work  •

I work with a select number of thought leaders each year to create this for their businesses.

You have my attention, presence & focus.

Work with Me

As a lawyer, Rebecca is a renegade:  vibrant, accessible, present and strategic.  She deftly translates law into something truly useful for her clients—a tool to not just protect but grow a legacy business.  As a business strategist, Rebecca has a unique talent for integrating seemingly incompatible talents into unique business models.  Her deep understanding of intellectual property and the thought leadership field (Rebecca is a thought leader herself on entrepreneurship) makes her strategic advising both expansive and sound. As one client put it, “Rebecca, you always ask the questions I don’t think to ask.”

Her clients consistently tell her that she brings more value to their businesses than they’d ever expected.

Rebecca has been practicing law for 14 years.  She graduated from Princeton University in 1996 and Boston University School of Law in 2001, where she was a member of the coveted Law Review.  She practiced at two AM-100 law firms and two United States Courts of Appeals before starting Counsel to Creativity in 2009. She has advised 100s of business owners in the fields of coaching, consulting and training, design, fine art, jewelry and fashion, health and wellness, social gaming, and digital type.